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          Welcome to Huaian Shuangying Chemical Co., Ltd. Website!
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          ABOUT US
          Currently, we are working hard on the development and manufacturing of photoinitiator series, such as photoinitiator 819, photoinitiator 379, photoinitiator TPO, photoinitiator TPO-L, photoinitiator DETX, Chlorodiphenylphosphine, Dichlorophenylphosphine, 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl chloride, N,N,N',N'-Tetramethylethylenediamine, CEPPA, and the like.
          Welcome to call us to to inquire: Xia +86-18952377808!

          Huaian Shuangying Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Huai'an District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu, which is the hometown of Zhou Enlai. The company enjoys convenient transportation with Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Nanjing-Lianyungang Expressway, Yansuxu Expressway and Xinyi-Changxing Railway nearby and the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou running by. It is 24 kilometers away from Hai’an Airport. The company insists on diversified routes and it is committed to researching, developing and manufacturing organic chemicals with research units and chemical enterprises.

          CONTACT US
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          400 Tel:400 0517 018
          Add:Huayi star business building room
            2311,No. 101 Xiangyu road,Huaian
            District,Huaian city,Jiangsu province.
          Tel:+86-517-85888819 , +86-517-89368050
          Mobile:+86-18952377808(Xia Haijun)   
               +86-18936511159(Chen Yong)


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